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If you or any man you know is being abused or dealing with issues like depression, false allegations, eating disorders, etc., here are some people and organizations that can help.

#phenoMENalAct is not associated with any of these organizations.

Domestic Abuse

One in Three- Australian campaign, but offers many resources for those outside the continent, including a directory of organizations beyond these lists.

Shrink4Men- Therapist for abused men. Also helps men avoid toxic relationships. Gives free advice via blog, social media, and YouTube.


Dad Surviving Divorce- Duane, via his website, podcast and YouTube, helps dads who are/were in toxic relationships.

Sexual Abuse

Survivors UK- Provides a national helpline, and individual & group counselling for males 13 and up.

1in6Features free and confidential online support groups, a 24/7 helpline with trained advocates, and info about male abuse.

Counsellor in Leeds- Phil Mitchell has 20+ years of experience in helping men and boys. Available for Zoom and in-person appointments.

False Accusations

FACT- Helps men who were falsely accused at work. Has a helpline, and their site tells what to do in police interviews, how to appeal, etc.

Title IX for All- Mainly helps college students. Provides databases for attorneys, school histories of Title IX lawsuits, and more.

Survivors of False Allegations- A program of Canadian Centre for Men and Families. Provides case advocacy and an online support group.


HeadsUpGuys- Includes guides to fixing symptoms such as sleep issues and isolation from friends.

Tough Talk- Creates therapeutic tools for depressed men and their loved ones.

Therapy For Black Men- Provides targeted resources and professionals equipped to support men of color.

Child Custody

How I Got Custody- James has been there and done it, and now gives free tips to dads and provides the tools to beat seasoned lawyers.

Ryan Thomas Speaks- After 2 decades of being alienated from his dad, Ryan helps families out of that situation.

Jana Herde- Jana, who lived through the struggle, coaches dads who were alienated from or have broken relationships with their daughters.

Eating Disorders

Walden Behavioral Care- Has inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs. Accepts most major insurance.

Eating Disorder Hope- An online community that provides resources, such as a search engine for treatment centers.

Veritas Collaborative- Has multiple treatment centers for kids and adults, and a virtual program. Works with you to build a personalized plan.


Empowering males, raising awareness of, and solving male issues hidden by radical feminism.

When sharing the content of this blog, be sure to use the hashtag #phenoMENalAct.

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