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Teach Boys to Respect Themselves

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Dear young men,

​While misandrists are condemning men and trying to brainwash you, what they neglect to say is that the soapbox that they're standing on was built by men like you. Their microphone was built by men like you. Their computer was built by men. The bed they sleep in was built by men. The home they live in was built by men. The cars, the bridges, the roads, almost everything we see and use? Built by men. And lets not forget the boys who invented things like braille, swim fins, and the snowmobile.

Isn't it crazy how it’s considered sexist and disrespectful to mention the fact that we built the vast majority of civilization? Yet the same people getting offended will either indulge in or remain silent about the way that boys are being taught to despise themselves. Every mass shooting gets used as an agenda to condemn males. White Ribbon, a major domestic abuse organization, publicly humiliates boys in the classroom. And then there’s the “role models” telling boys early on that they are responsible for everything that men and boys do to hurt females, and trying to “fix” them.

If only the naysayers went after these issues like they do with something that actually inspires their sons. Maybe then suicide wouldn't be the second biggest killer of boys 10 and up. Maybe you’re not the ones who need to shut up, after all. Why bother listening to them call the kettle black?

Why shouldn't boys be taught to focus on the many contributions of men? As the saying goes, we all came from a woman, so we have no right to disrespect one. Not even the disrespectful ones. Well, men built the hospitals where women give birth. A male doctor helped many of them deliver their baby. Men built and probably drove the vehicle that the new mother and child rode home in. Hell, women wouldn't have been pregnant in the first place if it hadn't been for a man. By the logic of that old saying, what gives women the right to disrespect men when we protect, build, and die for them?

People are so brainwashed that even men treat the phrase “it’s a man’s world” like a bad thing. But let there be A Day Without Men, and watch how fast everything collapses. If buildings get caught on fire, good luck finding a sizable team of female firefighters. If you think police response time is bad now, imagine the timing if the majority of cops were on vacation. Who would be fixing cars, moving furniture into new homes, protecting our country, clearing the snow and ice from the roads, etc? It certainly won’t be the females who brag about not needing a man.

So you’re damn right it’s a man’s world. Guys like you build societies, and when in need, people mostly call on guys like you for help. The success of the “man’s world” system was discovered millennia ago, and became traditional for a reason. People like Shahrazad Ali warned the public not to defy it, and now look how well the beta males and women are running this society of political correctness, teen pregnancy, drugged-up schoolboys, and parents bragging about their little boys wearing makeup.

Gentlemen, it’s okay to be male. It’s okay to respect yourself too much to put yourself down to uplift girls. It’s okay to be a writer who doesn’t have “enough” female characters. It’s okay to talk about and solve male issues. It’s okay to be unapologetic about all of this. Our mistake was allowing the garbage that claims otherwise to pile up and spill everywhere. Again, look how well that turned out. We are the ones who need to take our power back.

You respecting yourself is no worse and no more sexist than the way girls are praised at the expense of boys throughout childhood. You have every right to question the logic of male-bashing being empowering to women, while praising males is called “woman-hating.” You have every right to be angry about the normalization of misandry. You have every right to be assertive in calling out misandry. If people want to shut you up, then guess what they would rather allow to continue.

If radical feminism wants us to forget our worth, we have the power to make our own Day Without Men, and give people plenty of reasons to remember. If the females in your life claim that men/boys ain’t shit, make them prove it. Let them pay for their own stuff, carry their own stuff, and drive themselves home. Better yet, stop settling for girls who won’t respect you, and hold out for one who does. When the media talks about toxic masculinity, focus on the achievements of masculinity that they so gladly take advantage of. Eliminate the misandrists from your life and instead hang out with red-pilled guys and girls. I guarantee your relationships will be much better.

Boys, you matter. Men, you matter. Embracing it is not the problem; the problem is that too many people are intimidated by strong men. They’re so intimidated that they have to break a man’s will from childhood on. Think about it: the media and general public wouldn’t be trying so hard to emasculate boys and men, and condition us into self-hate, simping, and radical feminism if we didn’t have something powerful in us that they need to contain.

Changing the way men and boys are treated starts with the way we see ourselves, then challenging what we've been taught to see in our gender.

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