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How to Overcome Red Pill Rage -- The Right Way

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Taking the red pill is when, after years of following status quo, you realize that much of what you thought you knew about reality is wrong. In this case, I'm referring to men opening their eyes to how misandrist the world is, in spite of the fact that most people -- including them -- have been conditioned to scoff at the notion of sexism against males. For instance, the bias against fathers.

Most people go through a slew of extreme feelings of anger, depression, regret, distrust, and so on when they realize that they've been lied to and set up to fail since day one. Especially if those lies are the reason they are in a bad place in their life. In other words, they end up with what is called red pill rage.

Turning that despair into power won't happen overnight. I get it. I've dealt with red pill rage for years, and still have moments where it clouds my judgment. But after a while, we need to cancel the pity parties and do something about it. Otherwise, this anger can go from reasonable to whiny.

Do you want to spend the rest of your life complaining and waiting for those who hurt you to somehow fix your life for you? If so, what good is taking the red pill when you're not growing from it? If you are willing to take action, then the following advice will be of some use to you.

Amateurs Convince, Professionals Sort

Some red-pilled men immediately want to help their loved ones see the light. In my business, we have a saying: "amateurs convince, professionals sort." Rather than continuously go after prospects who don't need our products or business, we move on to people who do. Likewise, we need to sort those who are open-minded about the red pill, and those who aren't. If someone is not receptive to the red pill, your constant attempts to help will only annoy them and push them away. To them, you'll be like that one hyper-religious family member who shoves the Bible down everyone's throat at every given time.

Some of us started out skeptical about what we know now. Some of us were simps in the past. Hell, some of us didn't wake up until The Red Pill was released back in 2016. In which case, who are we to get mad when our friends and family remain asleep? You might be the only person they know who "gets it." Keep that in mind when you try to teach people.


Read personal development books. Not just the usual red pill books. Read about how your mindset affects your reality. Read about how to stop making the CEO of your job rich and start your own businesses. Read about how to manage the money you have now. Read about how to talk to people in a way that gets them to keep listening. Read about how to be a better father so your kids don't grow up the way you did. Pick up some books for your kids to learn early on how to be the boss.

Just make sure to take the actions you learn from the books; don't just read about them. The library is free, so that rules out the excuses for most people.

Or Watch/Listen

For those of you who don't want to read, there's always YouTube. Check out Randy Gage's 7 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity series, which you'll love if you study law of attraction. The YouTube channel Charisma on Command has great lessons on communication, whether you're the leader of a sales team, or you're socially awkward. Watch some videos that show you how to get paid big money through investment apps.

Even if you don't have time to sit and watch free advice to save your life, you can put on some headphones and listen to it. The average American driver spends just under an hour per day behind the wheel. Instead of listening to music while you drive, turn your car into a mobile classroom with audiobooks and YouTube videos with the screen off.

Mental Exercise

Personal development isn't just about reading books and listening to speeches. There are plenty of standalone things to do; some of which are fun. There's the money game, which shows you how to handle large amounts of money, and can help you attract more. There's a fun 30-day law of attraction challenge that I've taken part in several times. First thing in the morning, you can write a list of 10 things you are grateful for. At night, you can write an ABCDE list to plan your tomorrow and cut out the time-wasters.

You Are the Sum of Your 5 Best Friends

Spend less time with negative people. Yes, this includes some of your red pill buddies. Some people need to be loved from a distance. Otherwise, you'll be as bitter, broke, lazy, etc. as they are. Spend more time alone and working on yourself, or with loved ones who are going places and will uplift you. The new you will attract a better circle and scare off the dead weight.

Turn Off the TV

On that note, take time away from negative media. Turn off the news. Log off social media for a while. When you get back, unfollow people and pages that post negative content all the time. Follow pages that help you grow, such as the official pages of people like Jim Rohn, Les Brown, and Brian Tracy. Stop asking coworkers and family about the latest political developments. Quit watching what your least favorite celebrity is doing. The average American spends 6 hours a day watching videos. Cutting out trash TV will free up plenty of time to work on yourself.

Hit the Gym

Buy a gym membership and get into the habit of going there. Everyone knows that working out can reduce stress. Getting out of your home can also break dull routines that some people get stuck in. The gym can distract you from things at home that distract you from growth. Meanwhile, you can build muscle and strength, and get advice from people who work out and eat right.

How to Restore Your Faith in Half of Humanity

As someone who is recovering from years of trust issues (towards men and women), I can tell you from experience that mistrust will affect you more than it affects your perceived enemies. For one, no one cares how much you sulk at the mere sight of people you don't like. Snapping at them makes you look bad, not them. If you're an entrepreneur, and you avoid dealing with certain people, you'll be leaving money on the table. In this case, over 80% of what should be your money. If you're throwing your negative experiences with women on all females, how are you any different than the women who treat all of us like their ex?

Anti-MRAs WILL use your distrust and anger to their advantage when painting us as a hate group.

Now for the good news: there are plenty of female men's rights activists. I've written about 6 of them and their work in a previous article. Then there's the organizer of March for Men, Sydney Watson. You have the Honey Badger Brigade, which includes infamous radical-feminist-debater, Karen Straughan. To listen to a red-pilled woman converse with everyday men about male issues and rights, check out The Rational Female podcast. And then there are women who make fun of radical feminism and shut down their myths, such as the hilarious Shoe0nHead.


Remember: knowledge isn't power until it is applied. Now that you've been unplugged from the system, it's up to you to reprogram your life.

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