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Are You Sure You're MGTOW?

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

First off, I support the philosophy of MGTOW. I'm aware that there will be generalizations in the following paragraphs. I understand what it feels like to have red pill rage, and yes, the #phenoMENalAct pages sometimes do some of the things that I'm talking about. I'm not talking about MGTOW as a whole, I'm talking about what too many self-proclaimed MGTOW have turned it into.

Too many men claim the label of MGTOW without understanding it. Of course, those guys are the loudest and screw it up for everyone else. Even men who do understand it refuse the label because they don't want to be associated with the undisciplined guys. I've seen men who post great content that fits what MGTOW is, suddenly disown the label because they got sick of the imitators.

On paper, MGTOW should be the most disciplined men of all in this day and age. After all, they see how society treats men and boys. Now they're taking ownership of their lives away from misandrist systems and radical feminists. They're focusing on personal development and helping other men do the same.

But too many MGTOW groups on social media tell a different story. For a band of men claiming to have left the system, there's a lot of focus on women. They could be talking money, but some guys would rather post pictures of women and make fun of their looks. There are men who haven't gone far enough in their own way to stop whining about friendzones and women's taste in men. I've seen "MGTOW" on men's rights pages go off on female MRAs because "all women are like that." Some trash the men who choose to be in relationships with women. Some men refuse to have a civil disagreement with red pill men who choose not to remain bitter.

Aren't these the illogical, emotional responses that so many of you claim are reserved for women and beta males? There's a time and place for complaining, but it shouldn't dominate positive, educational content. Especially if no one is coming up with solutions to those complaints.

There is good information to be found on MGTOW websites. Financial education, advice on raising boys, personal development books, and so on. However, do you really think the average person is going to speed past the embarrassing stuff -- posted by people who claim to be MGTOW -- to find the good? I've been part of the manosphere since 2014, and I still wouldn't do that.

Imagine someone joining a MGTOW group on Facebook because a friend recently introduced him to the red pill. If the majority of what they find is the stuff that I mentioned, why should they stick around? Why should they take MGTOW or the red pill seriously?

On that note, imagine someone wanting to make a case against MGTOW. It doesn't matter what the rule book says. It doesn't matter that not all MGTOW are like that (sound familiar?). All someone has to do is screenshot the misogyny posted by self-proclaimed (fake) MGTOWs, and their point will be proven. Facts tell, stories sell.

Then people wonder why the movement gets a bad rap.

A man who hates women, complains about rejection, and insults other men for doing something other than talk about change, does not have have the discipline for this movement yet. His actions will be counterproductive and make it difficult for red-pilled men to take the movement seriously, let alone people who don't know any better.

True MGTOW have surpassed that red pill rage mindset. This doesn't mean they never get angry at misandry. It doesn't mean they're befriending people who hate men. They simply channel their anger into something productive. They're not interested in following and emulating the people they say they're against. They're busy taking action, whether it be in their own lives or to help other men. That's the beauty of self-ownership; these men don't even allow misandrists to own their emotions.

If you want help getting to that level, here are some links that will help:

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