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50 Double Standards Against Males

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

A man coaching girl's softball

Years ago, I saw a trending article about 50 double standards against women. Then I figured, why not? Here is the response I wrote, updated for 2018. Might give you an edge in a debate on men's rights, might give you a new perspective on these situations, or it might not.

1. I'm sure you know what the word "misogyny" means. Have you ever heard the term "misandry"? Your spell-check probably hasn't heard of it, either. Yet the word dates back to the 19th century. 2. If a woman aggressively flirts with a man who is uninterested, people say he's lucky – or gay – and won't stop her. Most people would have a problem if it was the other way around. 3. How often do women get put in their place for calling men pigs, pedophiles, rapists, or any other name? Yet there's a whole campaign against the word “bossy,” and calling a disrespectful woman a bitch is a problem? 4. Women often serve shorter sentences than men for the same crime. 63% less time, to be exact. And that's if they get convicted at all, since female criminals are twice as likely to stay out of jail. It shows; notice how often women who kill or nearly kill boyfriends and children get slapped on the wrist. 5. Women can hit men, but men can't hit women. Even if the woman hit first, gave him an STD, used weapons, hurt his kids, or is stronger than him, he's automatically in the wrong. A woman can beat on a man in public, and it's considered funny. Not so much when the man fights back. People assume the man deserved it, and that's she's defending herself. If you tell someone a man hit a woman, without the details, most people will assume the man was assaulting her. 6. Teachers generally give higher marks to female students, and harsher punishments to the boys. 7. While circumcision is an unnecessary, harmful, and often improperly-done procedure, it's only illegal for doctors to operate on girls. 8. If a woman molests a boy, people make fun of him, say that he's lucky, and assume he can't feel any trauma. News outlets refuse to use words like "rape" and "pedophile" in these cases. Some media outlets, including Hollywood Gossip and Maxim, have featured pictures of the so-called hottest teachers who have molested boys. Oh, and in 82% of cases where children speak up about being molested by women, the authorities don't believe them. 9. While just about anything a man does nowadays is sexual harassment, it's apparently impossible for man to be a victim of rape or sexual harassment. FBI didn't acknowledge male rape victims until 2012. 10. If a man judges women by factors such as her size, whether she has kids, her manners, etc., then he's shallow. When women judge men based on things like his height, money, and job, it's fine. 11. If a man stays home and lives off his wife's money, he's a loser. When the genders are reversed, it's normal and often encouraged. Even couples who live happily as a female breadwinner and stay-at-home dad deal with people losing their minds. 12. “Real men” are expected to be loyal to their woman no matter what. Women are encouraged to leave as soon as the relationship hits a bumpy road. For instance, he loses his job and can't support her anymore. Or if she needs to go "find herself." 13. Women are entitled to respect from men, yet they can be as disrespectful as they want. 14. If a man casually comments on his wife's weight or tells the truth when she asks about her size, it's wrong. Woman brings up or jokes about her husband's weight, it's okay. 15. Many woman will balk at the idea of being ladylike or submissive to their man. Yet the same woman want to keep the tradition of a man paying for everything and risking his life for her. 16. Society is taught that relationships are all about pleasing the woman, who doesn't have to do anything for the man. No wonder so many relationships fail because one person makes it all about themselves. 17. The subjects of eating disorders, domestic abuse, etc. almost exclusively focus on female victims. Even to the point where people think men can't have those problems, and men don't bother to get medical attention for them. When male victims do speak up, they are criticized for making it all about them and “finally knowing how women feel.” 18. Many female empowerment and relationship cliches are derogatory towards men, and the general public has no problem with it. Yet they constantly complain about misogynistic music and movies. 19. When movies portray women as weak or in a sexual way, it's a problem. Yet not many people talk about how child and spouse abusers are almost always male. And that the stupid partner in relationships is usually a male. And that men are more likely to be killed in the movies. 20. Men are expected to fight men who insult their girlfriend. How often are women told to even speak up for their man when another woman insults him? 21. The damsels in distress mentality teaches males that they have to risk their lives to save women. Yet most people only focus on how females are told that they need a man to help them. 22. While mothers are more likely to owe child support money, it's so rare for them to be punished or at least called out, that we think only fathers can be deadbeats. And we all know how much people love complaining about deadbeat dads. 23. How often do you hear people speaking up for boys who are insecure about not having a six-pack, being a certain height, or having a certain penis size? Did you know that females aren't the only ones dealing with high beauty standards? 24. Regarding rape and domestic abuse, most support systems only help women. Some men have stories of being laughed at by crisis centers and police. Many male victims have been arrested in place of their abusive girlfriend/wife. 25. Most people will sympathize with a crying woman. If a man cries in public, people ridicule him and might beat him up. Some parents beat that mentality into their sons at an early age. 26. If a man stares at a woman's body, he's immature and perverted. Women can look at men, grope them, and even joke about raping them, all in public and most witnesses would treat it like a joke. If a man feels on a female celebrity, we know it's wrong, and he may get beaten up. Male celebrities have countless women grabbing and clawing at them with no repercussions. Even on media panels, people are debating, laughing, and taking the woman's side. Funny how those celebrities don't get fired for making light of sexual harassment.

27. With all the talk about women being judged for working in male-dominated industries, why do people still make fun of male nurses, male cheerleaders, and call all male teachers pedophiles? 28. It's okay for women to play with, take pictures of, and befriend other people's kids. Man goes near a kid, even if he works as a teacher, coach, or any professional that helps young people, and he's a pedophile. 29. Female schools, clubs, and places of that nature are fine. All-male places are sexist and need to either include females or shut down. 30. How many of the people complaining about the way women are portrayed in action movies, have a problem with how men are portrayed in romantic comedies? 31. A woman can openly speak her disdain for men. If a man talks about only certain women, it's bad because he's allegedly talking about all women. 32. If a woman constantly brags about how powerful and independent she is, and belittles men at the same time, it's okay. Meanwhile, MGTOW is considered sexist. 33. Mothers, including the incompetent, disrespectful, and abusive, are treasured on Mother's Day. And every day, for that matter. If a mother does something wrong, people are likely to make excuses for her. Even if she murders her kids, the subject turns to mental illness and how it we shouldn't blame her. We all know how much people love complaining about incompetent fathers and grouping good dads in the same box. 34. When victims of sex trafficking are rescued, the women have access to support systems. The men -- who make up 45% of the victims -- are not only neglected, they can be arrested or deported after the rescue for circumstances resulting from their ordeal, such as visa violations. 35. Family court is biased against fathers. This includes old school mentalities that stay-at-home dads are unemployed, and that mothers are better parents, as well as several laws. There's a law that gives women the right to decide who will raise the child, which she can use to cut him out of the child's life. Even men who are falsely named the father are unsafe, as they can be forced by the dad-by-default law to pay child support, and will get arrested for owing money. 36. Woman doesn't want to get married? She's simply not ready. Man doesn't want to get married? He's afraid of commitment.

37. When girls are taught about dating, they are warned about how manipulative and dangerous the boys can be. Boys are further criminalized during their date talk, and told not to hurt her, not to do what she doesn't want, and threatened into listening. Are you warning your son about toxic relationships, and teaching your daughter to not be the kind that boys should be warned about? Because a 2017 study revealed that boys are more likely to be abused.

38. If you're a feminist, you believe in gender equality. In spite of the lies that feminism constantly pushes. In spite of feminist efforts to shut down discussion of male rights and issues. The bad feminists are to never be spoken of. If you're a men's rights activist, you're a sexist for solving "non-existent" male issues.

39. Have you ever noticed that when a group of people get attacked, killed, or otherwise have a problem, the news puts most of the focus on the women? For instance, "5 people were injured, including 2 women," and in cases like the Elliot Rodger shootings, male victims are completely swept under the rug to push a "war against women" narrative. Even if the male victims outnumber the females.

40. While men make up 40% of domestic abuse victims, the government refuses to fund shelters for them.

41. Women and children first. The men need to man up and take death laying down because... men and women are equal?

42. The man who compares his girlfriend to other women is a jerk. If a woman compares her man to other men, he must be doing something wrong.

43. With all these male celebrities putting a spotlight on women's issues, do you know any female celebrities who raise awareness of male issues?

44. I can name some female celebrities who can publicly condone and laugh at issues such as the molestation of boys and male genital mutilation, and keep their jobs and reputation a lot longer than a man who would dare do the same to girls. In these cases, Barbara Walters and Sandra Bullock.

45. Men are shamed for not being attracted to a woman who is infatuated with him, but doesn't fit his standards. Yet the woman with high standards is too good for the loser who wants her but doesn't fit her standards.

46. Women in fields such as firefighting and military are allowed to train under lower standards than men.

47. There are countless songs, poems, movies, etc. specifically made to inspire women. Not many for the men.

48. Although 78% of suicides are male, people are more likely to support depressed females and ridicule males, dead and alive. Boys are expected to “man up” and get over their problems overnight. Which is why suicidal boys are six times less likely to ask for help, and only 41% of depressed men seek treatment.

49. If man has sex with a drunk woman, he can be charged with raping a woman who was too drunk to consent. Yet it's fine for a woman to have sex with a drunk man, as long as he's not forcing himself on her.

50. The fact that people are so ignorant about these issues that the "he's a stud, she's a slut" argument is somehow a win for women, and can shut down the whole debate.


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